With an area of 500,000 sq miles, Ukraine is the second largest country in Eastern Europe. It is bordered by Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova and the Black Sea and Sea of Azov. Kiev, the capital, is the largest city. Ukraine maintains the second largest military in Europe and is home to 44 million people.

Ukraine produces nearly all types of transportation vehicles and spacecraft. The majority of Ukrainian exports are marketed to the EU countries. The country imports most energy supplies such as oil and natural gas and largely depends on the Russian Federation for that. A growing sector in the economy is the IT market. Tourism also, a potential arge part to Ukraine’s income. Ukraine was ranked 8th in the world by the number of tourists visiting (2013). Boryspil International Airport (KBP) is Ukraine’s largest airport and is one of three airports serving Kiev.

The Global GSA Group operates under the name FF Cargo Services in Ukraine since 2006 and is located in Kiev at the Boryspil airport (KBP) where it employs 7 people. FF Cargo Services Ukraine also selling from other major Ukrainian airports as Dnepropetrovsk (DNK), Kherson (KHE), Lviv (LWO), Odessa (ODS).

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